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Simple graphical tool which brings OpenSCAP to the average user.

SCAP Workbench is a graphical utility that offers an easy way to perform common oscap tasks.

This tool allows users to perform configuration and vulnerability scans on a single local or a remote system, perform remediation of the system in accordance with the given XCCDF or SDS file.

Workbench can generate reports, in multiple formats, containing the results of a system scan.

Workbench allows you to modify an XCCDF profile in an easy way without changing the respective XCCDF file. The tool provides a graphical way to enable or disable XCCDF elements. Your changes can be stored as an XCCDF tailoring file.

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You can install SCAP Workbench on Fedora using the command line: dnf install scap-workbench

Documentation for SCAP Workbench

We have a few practical tutorials covering common use-cases to get you started with SCAP Workbench.

User Manual for SCAP Workbench

Each version of SCAP Workbench comes with a user manual. You can see it directly here by clicking on the button below, or you can also display it by by choosing User Manual in the Help menu of SCAP Workbench .

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