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What we do

  • Or main goal is to support SCAP-1.2 and provide Authenticated Configuration Scanner and Authenticated Vulnerability and Patch Scanner capability. In other words, pass requirements outlined in NIST IR-7511 Rev. 3
  • We support integration with various system management solutions. Our first step in this effort is the Spacewalk project.
  • We work on a project that deliver a comprehensive list of security controls for Fedora distribution. The list is encoded in XCCDF format. Important part of this project are results of SCAP scans of the latest Fedora distribution (delivered daily). Homepage: SCE Community Content
  • We develop and maintain GUI tool that provides scanning, tailoring and editing functionality for SCAP content. See scap-workbench

Bug and Feature Tracking

We have couple of ideas for improvements.

Please report bugs using

Make sure you include the full output of `oscap --v` in the bug report.

Submitting Changes

OpenSCAP is licensed under the LGPL. By submitting a patch for inclusion in OpenSCAP, you are agreeing to license your changes under the LGPL.

Changes to the repository can be submitted by submitting pull requests on github, sending patches to the OpenSCAP mailing list or attaching patches to Trac tickets. Please see for info on pull requests.

The preferred way to prepare the patch is to get fresh copy of git repository:

git clone

commit the change locally and use:

git-format-patch -1 commit-id

to export the patch. commit-id is the commit number of the checkin you want to send (use 'git log' to see it).

Commit message requirements, please state:

  • what changed,
  • why it changed.

Coding Style

We follow linux kernel coding style.


Please read the Versioning page to learn how we deal with master and maintenance branches.

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