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Current Release: 1.2.4 (June 21, 2015)


- new features
  - OVAL 5.11 support 99.8% completed!
    - new symlink probe introduced
    - new process58 test capabilities
    - added possible_value support for external variables
    - added possible_restriction support for external variables
    - improved IP address comparisons
  - Added Scientific Linux CPEs
  - Added oscap-docker tool
  - Created man-page for oscap-ssh
- HTML changes
  - improved visibility of selected XCCDF profile in guides and reports
  - render rule-result/message contents in reports
- maintenance
  - Tests now pass on ppc64 little endian arch (rhbz#1215220)
  - partition probe now supports remount, bind and move mount options
  - Patched NIST OVAL-5.11 schemas to be backward compatible with
    OVAL-5.10 (rhbz#1220262)
  - fixed scap-as-rpm to work with vintage python (2.6)
  - better error reporting when a probe dies (i.e. due to OOM killer)
  - dropped selinux policy from upstream (rhbz#1209969)
  - fix segfault on invalid selectors (rhbz#1220944)
  - solaris support patches: file-system zones, systeminfo improvements
  - many smaller fixes and new tests

A tarball is available at openscap-1.2.4.tar.gz.

Archives can be found at


OpenSCAP is available on Fedora repositories. To install the library, oscap tool and SCAP content run:

To install the oscap utility to your system, simply run the following command as root:

# yum install openscap openscap-utils openscap-content

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

The NIST certified version of OpenSCAP package is provided for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6. To install the oscap utility and OpenSCAP library to your system, simply run the following command as root:

# yum install openscap openscap-utils

Optionally, you can install SCE technology from Red Hat Enterprise Linux Optional Channel by following command:

# yum install openscap-engine-sce

Source Repository

The source repository for OpenSCAP is stored in git. Clone the repository by

$ git clone

Web access


API changes and compatibility report is available at

SCAP Content



Script Check Engine

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