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Store all your SCAP results in SCAPtimony database and get statistical data you can query.

SCAPtimony is middleware that stores SCAP results for your infrastructure and then allows the stored data to be manipulated. SCAPtimony is a SCAP storage and database server built on top of the OpenSCAP library. It can be deployed as a part of your Rails application (i.e. Foreman) or as a stand-alone sealed server.

The SCAPtimony project gives full testimony about the compliance of your infrastructure. This is achieved by parsing all the SCAP results and storing important pieces in a database. SCAPtimony also provides the ability to perform common database queries on such data.

For all platforms

You can install SCAPtimony on All Platforms using:

gem install scaptimony

Documentation for SCAPtimony

SCAPtimony is SCAP database and storage server.

SCAPtimony is a Ruby on Rails Engine, so it can be easily imported into your Ruby on Rails application. Your Rails application can then manipulate SCAP data.

The SCAPtimony project provides only programmable artifacts for Ruby on Rails applications. The project is currently very softly documented – the best way to get started is to learn more about Ruby on Rails engines.

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